Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm going to be a great big sister!

Ember has already started to display the qualities that everyone wants in a big sister. Much to the dismay of the cat. I can see where she would be confused that he is a little person. I mean he does way 19 pounds and for the first 8 months of her life, he weighed more than she did! I'll give you some examples of what makes a great big sister and how she meets these requirements!

1) Be loving and caring at all times - This includes sitting on, laying on, and using the cat to push off of when standing.

2) Help out with feeding time - eat goldfish while running around the room and then notice that the cat, as thin as he is, looks like he needs food. Proceed to chase him around the room, goldfish in outstretched hand, trying to get him to take it from you. Never mind the fact that if you DO happen to catch up to him, you hit him in the face with said goldfish!

3) Help out wherever you can - If mommy is cleaning up, try to clean up to. By cleaning up, this includes the cat. And it means that he needs to move from where ever he is so it can be cleaned. This can be done by either patting him on the head or trying, unsuccessfully, to pick him up. Who cares that he still weighs over half of my body weight!

So, I have a feeling that this big sister stuff is going to come SO naturally to her that we have nothing to worry about! (uh huh!) I do have to say that she does really well, most of the time, around other babies. Here's hoping!