Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm the big sister!!!!

On 11/24/09 Ember welcomed her new little sister Autumn Therese into the world. She decided to make her grand debut a little earlier than anyone expected so Ember was a little less than prepared. She thought that she was just going to have a fun day at home with Grandpa and then mommy would return to her. Well, that was not the case. Autumn decided to be too lazy for the Dr's liking so he said she needed to come early. So, Ember did get to spend the day with Grandpa, but mommy nor daddy returned to her. Instead, that afternoon she got to take a ride to the hospital to meet her new baby sister.

We were all worried that the minute she got into the hospital and saw the nurses and dr's she would freak out. She has been having a lot of major anxiety about dr's and dr offices lately. Enough so that she just starts crying at the sight of a white coat or blood pressure cuff. However, she did amazingly well. She was also VERY happy to see her baby sister. She immediately wanted to touch her and love on her. Due to this event she also got to have another first. She spent her first nights away from mommy and daddy. The first two nights she stayed in her own crib with grandparents staying at our house, but the third night she stayed the night at Maw Maw and Paw Paws house. Her first official sleep over!

Since we have been home, Ember has been great with the baby. She has been a little fussy, but it's not really from being jealous. It is because mommy can't pick her up on her own yet. Not sure when I will be able to, but I want to so bad. Now, two weeks out, I can have her put on my lap and I can hold her, but it's not the same as being able to just pick her up whenever she wants/needs to be held. Plus, she has gotten a cold and has been very stuffed up the past few days. She has continued to be VERY loving towards Autumn and loves hugging, patting, and kissing her on the head. It is so sweet.

Today we had a slight meltdown however. Ember wanted to love on Autumn and hold her like mommy was so I told daddy to sit her on the couch. We then let Ember "hold" Autumn. She was beaming and just kept staring at her. We did take some pictures. The meltdown happened when we tried to take Autumn back. Ember yelled at us and held onto Autumn. So, we let her hold her for a little bit longer. Then I tried to take her again and Ember did the same thing. She yelled and tried to pull Autumn closer to her. I explained to Ember that Autumn was not a baby doll and then took her back. Ember threw an all out fit. Crying and yelling and actually laying down on the floor kicking her feet!!!! It was actually pretty different. She has thrown mini tantrums before, but nothing like that!

The rest of the night she was alright with her. She continued to want to try to hold Autumn, but didn't really throw any fits when we said no. I am sure that the novelty will wear off soon and Ember will want us to take her back! hehe For now though, I am enjoying that she is being such a great big sister. I look forward to them growing up together and becoming fast friends. They are both such beautiful little girls and I feel confident that they will be best of friends and love each other no matter what. At least that is what we are going to try to teach them. We are truly blessed to have Ember still with us and now we are doubly blessed to welcome a new little girl into our lives. Hopefully Ember will teach her all of the things that she has taught us the past 18 months and even more as they grow up together. The picks below are Ember meeting Autumn and Ember in her "I'm the big sister shirt". She also got the puppy she is holding as a present.