Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three, Three, Three......

Since Ember has turned 3, she tells everyone!  I mean everyone!  Even if they don't ask her how old she is!  It's cute, as is most of the things that she does.  However, three is turning into a very trying time with and for her.  I know she is trying to exert her independence, but she is getting into SO much trouble!  And the fit throwing is SO over the top.  She has always been a drama queen when it comes to certain things, but now it is in full force!  And I mean WOW!  Also, some of the things she comes up with are insane!  I am sure she is picking them up from kids at school, but still!  Ugh!  What happened to my sweet little girl?!  She even got into big trouble at school yesterday which rarely happens.  Suddenly she isn't listening to teachers and talking back to them!  I have no idea what I am going to do with her! 

On a better note, however, she does so good with her sister now that they are both going to preschool on the same days.  The teachers have told me that Ember is so very sweet to her sister when they are on the playground together.  And, I have to admit, 99% of the time they are very good with each other at home too.  However, there are times when Sissy gets tired of Ember and wants to be left alone.  Ember hasn't learned when that is yet so she end's up getting scratched, pushed, or both!  Most of the time she listens to me when I tell her that Sissy wants to be left alone, but three year olds will be three and sometimes she has to learn on her own!  I guess this is true with every age, but it seems worse with three! 

Though, Sissy is picking up on the behavior and seems to be trying to go through the three stage at 19 months!  Do you think I will get lucky and she will be well over it when she actually hits three?  Hey!  I can dream can't I?