Friday, January 8, 2010

Crazy toddler

Ember has been getting along pretty well since Autumn has arrived. The novelty of having a new baby has not worn off yet. I am waiting for it to happen, but so far so good. She constantly wants to love on and hug Autumn. She even tries to help us burp her whenever she can. Though, sometimes she does try a little too hard!

Aside from getting along with Autumn, she is getting into EVERYTHING! I do mean everything. She is absolutely her father's daughter. She is way to smart for her own good. She is trying to figure out both baby gates that we have. She watches us open and close them and then walks up to them later and tried to push on the buttons. Luckily she isn't strong enough for that yet. She has also been tyring to figure out how to plug the cord back into the swing. Every once in awhile she will get a hold of the cord once we have unplugged it from the swing and the wall (off of mommy or daddy's desk!) and walk up to the swing, with the correct end mind you, and try to plus it back in. It is neat to watch how she figures things out, but it is also not such a good thing.

Right now she has been getting into a lot of trouble for grabbing things off of mommy and daddy's desks. Especially drinks. I can't tell you how many times I have had to change her right before we leave the house because I turn my back for two second and she has dumped a drink down the front of her! I should have learned long before now that I can't turn my back at all!

She also knows exactly where her snacks are in the pantry. She will run right up to the door and knock on it if it is closed. If it is open, she just dives right in and grabs a few snacks then runs away! She is always laughing when she does it. I fail to find the humor in it sometimes. :) Other's I must admit that she is just too stinking cute.

One of her latest laughs is standing in front of the humidifier mist. She stands there and just laughs and laughs. Then she walks about for about 0.2 seconds and runs back to it and laughs some more. It really is cute. She just can't quite figure it out. She is also a big fan of music. Almost any music at all will get her dancing. Especially anything from The Laurie Berkner band. Any time something from them comes on, she drops whatever he is doing and just starts dancing away. It used to just be one big screaming and spinning in a circle fest, but now she is actually getting some moves down. She bends her knees and bounces and swings her arms! Too cute as well! I know that I am bad about leaving the TV on all day for her, but I do it because of all of the music. NickJr is very good about having tons of music videos in between their shows. Most of the shows she actually plays through so I feel that it is a good compromise.

As far as LuLu the Liver is concerned, she is happy. Ember's numbers have all come back great. We are going again next week for another round of labs and hope to hear that they are just as good. She is growing tall and gaining weight as expected which is very good. We are just so blessed to have her as healthy as she is.