Monday, March 9, 2009

Much better!

Ember is feeling much better since the stuffy nose incident! She is still a little stuffy in the mornings, but nowhere near as bad as she was. YAY!

I know it has been awhile since I have done an update for her, but I feel like when things are going well, there isn't much to say other than, things are going well. She is happy, healthy, and enjoying life as far as I can tell. She is STILL not trying to crawl at all. She would rather stand. She has started to pull herself up into a standing position if she is sitting up. She hasn't quite figured out how to sit up from a laying down position yet though. Hopefully soon.

I do worry that she is behind, but I also think that she is 9 months old and she's had several surgeries so maybe I shouldn't worry about it. I know that she will do whatever she wants in her own time. Though, at this age on are when signs of autism begin to show up. I think that, for me anyway, that prospect is scarier than transplant. I mean, I know that transplant fixed her. With autism, there is no fix unless you have a million dollars to go to dr's every day and make your own therapy sessions, etc. She has no signs, that I know of, of autism, but I worry. That's what I do.

Anyway, in other news, she is saying "dadda" all the time right now. EVERYTHING is dadda. I may be jading myself, but I don't consider it a true word until she can associate it. So, I am hoping that "mamma" is the first word she associates even though she isn't saying it yet. She says "Ma" or "Ba" every once in awhile, but right now "dadda" is the favorite.

She gets her labs drawn Wednesday and then has her 9 month check up at the pediatrician this Friday. So, we will see what they say other than the fact that she is perfect. Which, we already knew.

Also, we are entering her into a Most Beautiful Baby contest that is put on by a local photographer. The hard part is trying to pick the picture! It's SO hard! I will update you on what happens with that as well. :)

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, I'm no expert, and I'm a "little" prejudiced, but I don't think autism is a concern for Ember. She is so responsive to stimuli and loves social interaction. We just need to get her to crawl before she walks....(it's supposed to help with cognitive development and later reading ability.)
Grammy J