Monday, February 23, 2009

I can't breathe!

If Ember could talk, that is what she would be saying right about now. She has what appears to be a head cold and, well, she was so kind and generous that she gave it to mommy too. We have both been miserable for the past week. She has been all kinds of stopped up and every time she tried to take a bottle, she would have to stop every few drinks in order to take a breath. The saline drops are a joke!! They do nothing but make her more snotty. Plus, I can't hold her down every hour to give them to her and then suction out her nose. Her poor nose would be too sore and I can't even imagine what her mucous membranes would look like.

She gets SO mad when you use the nose sucker thing on her too. It takes at least 10-15 minutes to calm her down again afterwards. Today has been the first day that she has really started to actually have a runny nose. It wasn't bad at all today, but this morning it was just gross. She was sitting on the floor playing with her blocks before Matt left for work and she looked at me and this big snot bubble came out of her nose!! Blech! Poor thing was so mad when I tried to wipe her face again.

Other than that she has been doing great! So, since we are both grumpy and sick and not feeling good, I don't have a lot more to say. Oh! I did want to let you know to check out my new blog too. (If you are pressure) It is listed first in the Family and Friends blog list.

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Tiff said...

Hope Ember is feeling better quickly and momma, too! It's no fun when they're sick. Jadyn's got a nasty cold, too and the snot is.... well... there are just no words for it!! LOL