Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bye Bye Broviac

Ember's Broviac (central line) removal was Friday. She is now free! No more tubes! She has already had two baths (One of them thanks to exploding diapers) and she LOVES them. Pictures will be coming soon. She got to sit in the sink and play with the water. For the bath she had at home, she played with a Duckie and the water thermometer. It was nice to not have to worry about getting anything wet and to see her actually enjoy a bath.

Now hopefully, she scooting or maybe even crawling will happen. I'm not convinced that the broviac was the reason that she has not started to do either one of these, but it could be. Right now, she rolls or scoots on her back anywhere she wants to go. She is also getting more and more stable at sitting up in her own. We bought her (well, I did) a giant bunny from Sam's on Sunday. It is twice the size that she is! Yes, I know she did not need another stuffed animal, but I had a bear that was bigger than me when I was little and all of the pictures are SO cute. Can I help it that I want her to have that too?

We need to get her 8 month pictures done and I think the Bunny might be part of them. Who knows though. ;) She is chattering up a storm also. Big Grandpa Mike taught her how to scream/yell while he has been on baby sitter duty the past week. (Thanks Mike!) Though, I can tell you, it is really, really cute! She yells at the cat, the dogs, and her toys in this little grunting frustrated voice when she can't get to any of them.

So, right now we are a very happy family as far as the liver issues are concerned. There is other drama, but I am sure it will work out in the end as well. I'll try to post some updated pictures of her later tonight.

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Meg said...

YAY!!! go Ember!!! :)