Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joy and Pain

The joy for today is that Ember will be getting her broviac removed tomorrow morning! She will finally be able to take a real bath! She will get to wear t-shirts without a onsie underneath to keep the hands off the broviac. Hopefully she will even start to try to crawl or scoot once it is gone.

The pain for today is the loss of yet another liver kid. Faith was waiting for her transplant when she became too ill to receive it. Unfortunately, she lost her fight February 3rd. I can't even imagine what her parents are going through right now.

So, for me, today is mixed with the joy that my baby is progressing and the sadness that another liver kiddo is gone. We will keep Faith's parents and family in our thoughts. We understand that this is, unfortunately, the nature of liver disease, but that doesn't make it any less painful. We will remember you always Faith. May the angels wrap you in their warm embrace.


The Geiler's said...

Wow Jeannie, what a bitter sweet time in your lives. I imagine that it is hard to rejoice over progress when others are suffering. I am so glad that your angel got what she needed. Thank goodness Ember will not remember any of the pain and suffering she went through and the agony that you and your family went throug. She will have the memories that you instill!

Anonymous said...

We're so glad to hear the news is good about Ember. Thanks for keeping us informed.
Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Ed and Katie